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Spinal fusion expenditures in the United States add up to over $1.4 billion annually.  For years, the gold standard solution in spinal fusion has been autograft.  However, the limitations and problems associated with this procedure have led more and more surgeons away from autograft and towards other bone graft augmentation solutions. Bone Morphagenic Protein (BMP) products have been widely heralded to be the best solution for bone fusion augmentation.  BMP and other solutions have shown the ability to decrease both the pain and the morbidity common in hip graft procedures and failed fusions.  However, BMP solutions have also shown an inability to adequately control bone growth.  Medtronic has spent over $660 million to bring INFUSE to the market.  They are currently generating $680 million in sales annually in the United States alone from INFUSE.  A product with the ability to both enhance fusion (faster/stronger) and control growth is desperately needed in the marketplace and would be a tremendous benefit to mankind.  NeuroPro Technologies, Inc. is developing such a solution.

The NeuroPro Solution

NeuroPro Technologies, Inc. is developing NP3, a solution to the problems of autograft harvest and failed fusions from alternative graft materials.  Our product utilizes a proven and safe drug, which has been used for many years by millions of humans worldwide.  By combining this drug with a collagen matrix carrier, we have enabled the safe and targeted delivery of a fusion accelerator, while controlling the growth area.  NP3 is a superior solution to currently available fusion products, because NP3 enables directed, targeted, and controlled bone growth. 

Current Competition

The biggest competitor in the bone fusion augmentation market is from BMP’s.  Other products include:  Allograft/Xenograft, Coral, DBM, and other carrier combo products.

The only BMP currently cleared to market by the FDA for spinal fusion is Medtronic’s INFUSE (BMP-2).  Stryker has OP-1 (BMP-7) which has an FDA exemption for compassionate use and is trying to get FDA clearance to market for spinal fusion.  Several other companies (DePuy, for example) are working to bring a BMP product to the market.

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