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Percutaneous Dynamic Stabilization


Dynamic stabilization is a revolutionary concept in spinal surgery.  For many years surgeons had limited tools to treat low back pain.  Patients were treated with conservative measures such as physical therapy, and epidural steroid injections.  Failing these, the surgeon had the option of a decompression surgery or a fusion.  There is a large population of patients for whom decompressions is not enough, but are not a candidate for the more complicated and potentially risky fusion.  For these people, there is a new treatment paradigm:  dynamic stabilization.  Dynamic stabilization includes many different classes of products.  For example, artificial discs, represent a promising new market segment.  Posterior dynamic stabilization is highlighted by Zimmer’s Dynesys product.  Dynesys consists of pedicle screws with a rope and a spacer instead of a rigid rod.  It provides support and takes a load off a degenerative disc or vertebral segment.

 The NeuroPro Solution

Our percutaneous (much smaller incisions are necessary) product offers several advantages over the current Dynesys product:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Ability to adjust the amount of support needed from one level to another
  • Less risk of infections
  • Simpler procedure
  • Faster procedure
  • Improved surgeon satisfaction

 Current Competition

Dynamic stabilization is best known in the market place by the artificial disc.  The only disc cleared to market by the FDA is Depuy’s Charite. Many more will follow. Scient’x has a flexible rod construct (IsoLock). Several artificial facet joints are in development phase. Medtronic is developing transverse process stabilization. Spine Next sells Wallace. St. Francis Medical Technologies, Inc. has X STOP. Surgicraft has the Soft Stabilization System (SSS).  Currently, Zimmer Spine has FDA clearance to market for Dynesys only as an aid to fusion. An IDE for dynamic stabilization completed enrollment in January 2005. FDA clearance to market is expected in the fourth quarter of 2007.  

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